Sunday, July 13, 2008

Review of the Grundig YB 300PE

All I have to say is WOW!!! I am so impressed with this little radio and how sensitive this one is and how well it is to work with. I love the ability to add an external antenna. This thing brings signals in crystal clear! I can sit in front of the TV and listen to it with little or no feedback from the TV. I spent 35.00 on this through EBAY brand new in the box. I comes with batteries, head phones, and external antenna and its own powersupply. I highly recommend this to the beginner SWL. It has a switch lock to lock out the front panel and 6 programmible channels per band with a total of 24 programable channels. It can scan through stations as well as directly plug in the frequency. This little Phase Locked Loop is a must have! For the cost it was well worth it. I will not go back to my little Grundig G1000A.

A few tips on this product. There is a pushbutton on off switch on the front that could accidentally be pushed if it is put in a back or something so make sure you kick on the key lock when you turn this thing off. This little rig has a DX/Local switch to drop the signal input to the front end of the reciever to keep from over driving it. If you want to really get the full effect of this rig use the headphones but be advised make sure the volume is turned down before you plug them in or turn it on. I got blasted by static today and it about blew me out of the chair. With the headphones it allows you to hear the station so much better!

Happy SWLing!!!



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